2017 is looking to be Citrus' most exciting year-to-date. It almost feels like a first date, full of excitement, promise and the hope of getting lucky! We've got big plans that will see us tighten the laces on our web development shoe. Trend setting design and powerful new methodologies for website development and testing that will make a Citrus Media website truly something worthy of being framed and mounted proudly where everyone can adore it. OK, maybe that's going a little too far, but you get the idea. More importantly, we continue to work at keeping our process fun, accountable and simple.

As always, our focus is on the customer. Our goal continues to be to strive for perfection in all things we do. Our approach is fanatical. Fanatical attention to detail, fanatical customer service, fanatical quality assurance and fussed over final product.

We look forward to working with you, to build your next exciting project. Give us a call, or an email and let's get this party started!

Chris Partner and Creative Director


As a marketing firm, we bring a powerful suite of tools to the event production table.

Web Design

We take brands and their stories and help them dominate the internet.

Video & Production

We produce emotional connections to your brand worthy of the silver screen.