marketing [mahr-ki-ting] the act of buying or selling in a market.

Hi. You don't know us yet, but hopefully you'll introduce yourself soon. It's late tonight and windy outside and we're working away at our clients work, fine tuning, visualizing stories and solving problems. You see, we don't focus on building websites, writing advertisements or designing books, instead, we focus on helping you craft an experience for your customers, clients, fans or management that reaches them deep in their emotional DNA. If that experience should happen to include a website, advertisement or book design, then we'll create it. But the solution for "you" may not be something traditional at all… it may be a branded live event experience, embedded branding in a video game or smartphone app or hiring a pilot and skywriting some well crafted copy high above an attentive crowd. Whatever the problem, whatever the medium… think about Citrus Media Inc. We'd like to get to know you.


  • Website and interactive design/development
  • Contest Microsites
  • e-Commerce & Social Commerce development
  • Social Media integrations & Application development
  • iPad/Mobile design & development
  • Video for web and broadcast
  • Logo design and business collateral
  • Annual Reports, catalogues, newsletters & magazines
  • Advertising
  • Integrated campaigns