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Make more content, faster!

It's time to go bionic with your content!

The MAD MEN days, when marketing was a simpler affair enjoyed over a fine whiskey are done. We went from three main distribution channels (print, radio and TV) to an endless number of ways people can interact with your brand to find and consume your businesses content. One way small businesses can compete with the big boys and girls is by creating a sizeable quantity of valuable, unique and on-brand content.

Now why do I say a “sizeable quantity”? Why can’t I create a small(ish) amount of content?

You absolutely can, but, expect results that are in-line with the amount of effort you put into it.

In addition, if you are interested in growing your business at a more rapid pace, you need to capture prospective customers’ attention faster and more often... therefore you probably need more content. Going for the long pass (had to drop a football reference with the Super Bowl around the corner) is fine but pretty risky. Instead of putting all your chips on one awesome chunk of content, a more reasonable approach would be to create smaller, quicker-to-produce content chunks. Phew! A mouthful for sure.

So… the bottom line is, I believe the best approach is to make lots of content, as much as you can make, and get it out into the channels where your customers live. The content, for the most part, should have value to your customers. If it’s not valuable then make it entertaining! With that in mind, I’ve provided nine ideas, YUP! nine, that should help you build content better, stronger, faster… thank you Six Million Dollar Man! I use virtually every one of these suggestions in one way or another every day, so I know they work. Let’s take this list for a spin!

1 Creativity is the answer to life, the universe and everything!

So you’re saying to yourself, I have no clue what I should talk about. Or the often used “I’m not a creative person”. I get it! From time-to-time I struggle a bit too BUT instead of stressing on what content to create, sometimes I shift my focus and think about interesting events I can create for my business. For example, you might consider a corporate culture activity or a customer-based event. Any of these things will give rise to TONS of valuable content!

For example, let's say you own a yoga-themed juice business (*wink *wink) why not create a Sunday yoga class that is DJ’d with a guest DJ each week. You can then set up a camera and film it, LIVE stream it so others can participate from their own location and take screen captures of various frames from the finished video to share as photos on Instagram, Facebook etc…

I produced an event for a customer (Deadly Grounds), a horror-themed coffee lounge. In advance of a new PREDATOR movie coming to theatres I produced a fun little Predator meet-and-greet, which gave us an opportunity to create a large amount of content, everything from videos, photos and customer testimonials. You can watch a behind-the-scenes video here --->

If this approach to content creation doesn’t get your imagination exploding with ideas, then you need to give me a call!

2. Baby steps always work

As soon as I shifted my content production strategy to doing smaller bits more often, things started getting done! I even had one of my clients recently ask me, how do you find the time to write all these Blog posts on top of everything else you do and I simply replied… baby steps!

3. Delegate

Appointing a person within your organization to take on some of the burden of content creation can really super-charge your output. Obviously if you are a solopreneur this one doesn’t really apply (although you could always hire a contractor to occasionally assist you!). Sure, at first it can be a little difficult to let go of control but all you need to do is ensure you have a well-defined brand, have communicated the tonality and direction you’d like to take and then let them get at it! Remember, you can always (and should) review everything before you hit that SHARE button! Last but not least, make sure you giving the right task to the right person. Someone who is uncomfortable in front of the camera shouldn't be in videos for you and someone who has difficulty writing shouldn't be producing Blog articles!

4. Create a “set”

I have a tiny work space. Like, make one wrong move and you’ll probably give yourself a concussion! So lack of space isn’t really a good argument when it comes to creating a set. It could be as simple as purchasing a couple of $40 lights and placing them every so smartly in your space so when you video yourself at the flick of a switch you are well lit! Of course, if you are able to do such as create a cool background, interesting furniture etc… even better.

5. Quantity over quality

Speaking of production value, I used to want to create amazing pro-level videos for myself. Then I realized… not every single video I create needs to be Spielberg quality. It’s OK to simply turn the camera on yourself, an employee or a customer and just start shooting! Sure, production value is awesome… but don’t let it get in the way of producing content because at the end of the day it’s the quality of the content and not how it looks that matters most!

6. Deadlines work. Well, most of the time!

Oh boy, this is a big one! It’s estimated that 15% - 20% of people are procrastinators and there is plenty of research pointing to self-imposed deadlines being in-effective as an anti-procrastination method. But, in my opinion, it’s better than nothing! To avoid the P-word, create a little content creation schedule for yourself (mine is literally in iCal) with deadlines THAT YOU TAKE SERIOUSLY! I’ve found that, as my viewership grows, my interest in publishing Blog posts on-time increases. Get motivated by your viewers!

7. One source. Plenty content.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a big believer of this method for content production. In essence, it works, but requires some skillsets you may not have or resources not available to you. For example, he suggests filming. Film anything and everything. Then, once done, you can pull screen captures to share on Instagram, or quotes from the audio or even make a bunch of shorter videos from the big video. This is all great if you know how to do this work, but many don’t. For those that do however, this is a good way to let one piece of content do all the heavy lifting. Click here to view his content strategy

8. Templates

Using templates can save you a lot of time and that saved time can be re-invested in your business and even more content.

9. Apps!

I use a lot of apps! For me, I mainly use video editing mobile apps (iMovie and VideoLeap) when I want to create short, simple videos. I use photo editing apps (Pixaloop and Quickshot) to enhance my photos and I use the audio recording app VoiceMemo to record ideas and sometimes audio content.

There are APPs out there such as relaythat from AppSumo and HooteSuite to help you automate the laborious process of both creating multiple versions of your creative as well as scheduling and distributing.

I think most people can agree that the quantity of content you produce will increase the chances that you will be seen on social media and garner better search engine results. Getting seen is attention and attention is step 1 in finding new customers. Get attention. Convert that attention into profit. Follow through with the promises made. Repeat!


Would you like my help starting your business or taking your current business to the next level? Email me directly, text me at 905.442.3323 or call me at the same number. It's always free to chat!


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