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Storm House

2014 so far has been a banner year. We’ve done some of our best work to date. Established relationships with some new and exciting clients and grown in Durham Region to be, arguably, the best web design and development studio in the area.

We’ve also delved into some of our own passion projects this year publishing a print magazine titled Hauntopolis and producing some fun, albeit strange events. As always, we enjoy meeting new potential customers, discussing marketing trends and ideas and how your brand can be nurtured, grown and carefully placed in the marketplace and presented with professionalism and uniqueness. Give us a call, let’s get this party started!

Chris Partner and Creative Director


As a marketing firm, we bring a powerful suite of tools to the event production table.

Web Design & Development

We take brands and their stories and help them dominate the internet.

Video & Film Production

We produce emotional connections to your brand worthy of the silver screen.