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With the absolute volume of marketing channels and strategies these days it’s completely understandable that the small business owner, without a large marketing department backing them up, might struggle with understanding how all this stuff works and having the time to get it all done.

There is one significant gap in understanding that I have observed with many small business marketers and social media. Let’s fix that gap right now!

When you make posts on your social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram you are speaking to people who know you, your products/services and have already shown interest in you. They’ll be familiar with your brand to varying degrees, but the important thing to understand is that they all know who you are.

The other side of the coin here, is paid advertising on social platforms. This helps push your brand further into the market exposing it to fresh new eyes (potential new customers!) that haven’t seen you yet. You know, basically how advertising works! LOL.

Don’t get these two types of marketing messed up! In fact, when you create your posts and ads, know exactly who you are talking to and what they want and need to hear. I’ve experienced clients who think the more they post to social media, the more business they will get. And yes, you might. But you NEED to also keep putting your brand in front of NEW customers. That’s where you start purchasing advertising on your social media channels.

So, basically to re-cap, posts on your current social media page(s) should be about your products, innovations, services, promotions etc… You can speak to these people as though they know you.

The paid ads/boosted posts that you push out into the world need to be marketed as though the viewer DOESN’T know who you are or what your products/services are.

Keep this in mind when you are creating your social media posts and ads and you will find greater success.


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